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4 Ways To Work With a Pessimistic Thinker

Don't Rain On My ParadeYou’re tempted to walk the other way when you see him coming. You zone out when he starts talking in a meeting. Occasionally he inspires humor, but more often, the Pessimistic Thinker awakens the negativity in those around him.

However, the doctor’s dose of reality is worth hearing. The Pessimistic Thinker might be called the devil’s advocate, but he’s also a team’s advocate, whether they know it or not. He can identify common pitfalls, hidden risks, and flaws in your own thinking. Sometimes his advice is hard to hear, but there are ways to improve your relationship with this thinker.

Approach Him With Compassion

While he may present an icy demeanor and inspire the same in return, this individual responds to friendliness. You can offer him the respect he demands, while still appealing to him as a friend. The Pessimistic Thinker is nobody’s fool, but even he is not immune to the art of persuasion.

Give Him His Say

Often, the Pessimistic Thinker simply needs to be heard – to get it out there, so he doesn’t kick himself later when the worst happens. If the pessimistic thinker’s timing is wrong, such as during brainstorming, let him know that he will have a later opportunity to identify risks. Show him you value his input and that you will take his ideas into consideration. Read the rest of this entry »