Get Results With Resolute Thinking

A key trait of the resolute thinker is the unwillingness to procrastinate – this thinker knows how to get results. Do you have a long list of to-dos that won’t seem to go away? Which items could you mark off today, tomorrow, or in the near future?Checklist You can adopt the decisive demeanor of Resolute Thinking and unburden yourself of those nagging chores.

What’s the Priority?

The resolute thinker is a master of utilizing their time efficiently. They know what needs to happen and in what order. This thinking skill is especially handy in a leadership role. Do you know how to identify the hotspot in a situation – the issue that is most important? If you fail to prioritize your actions, this mistake can derail the entire effort.

Tension Control

Determined. Able. Swift. The many attributes of the resolute thinker far outweigh their negative traits. But when working with this thinker, you might need to adjust your way of thinking to improve relations with them. Or better yet, you can help them overcome their tendencies to step on people’s toes, pull false alarms, and create unnecessary tension.

While some thinkers are stunted by a lack of resources, the resolute thinker knows how to use the tools he’s given. If you have an idea, the resolute thinker makes it happen. If you are in trouble, he’s the one to the rescue. However, there are occasions when their drive for results can cause the pressure to rise needlessly.

Think Smart

As a leader, you will want the resolute thinker on your team, especially if there is an emergency. This person can think under pressure. In fact, they do their best thinking during times of stress. All the talent in the world can’t prepare your team for a high-pressure emergency. Oftentimes, your best thinkers will freeze, or worse, they will make high-cost errors. You will need someone who can “think smart” – effectively and efficiently – to tackle the problem head on.


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