Introduce Yourself to a New Thinking Style and Optimize Your Potential Today!

optimize-your-thinking-introBased on the renowned seminar series, Optimize Your Thinking® is Jennifer Whitt’s signature portable course. This innovative learning experience tackles the most complex element of  working in any environment – the human element.

Through revealing self-assessments, you’ll examine your effectiveness as a thinker, team member, and leader while learning to adjust your approach for each personality and situation you encounter. Along the way, you’ll meet 8 colorful characters who embody the 8 Ways of Thinking®.

This powerful paradigm is taught in seminars around the US – now unlock your performance potential while on the go!

With this Portable Course, You Will Receive:

Optimize Your Thinking: How to Unlock Your Performance Potential, which details the 8 Ways of Thinking® performance model with engaging stories and lessons learned.

The Thinking Journal® featuring Self-Assessments, Guided Journal Entries, Scenario-based Exercises, Self-scoring Quizzes, Reflective Questionnaires, Thought-provoking Quotes, Proven Performance Tools and much more!

Audio Introduction from Jennifer Whitt on Optimize Your Thinking: How to Unlock Your Performance Potential. Simply download the MP3 file and play at your convenience.

A Course Guide that you can use to follow along with these 8 colorful characters as you unlock your own thinking style…and understand other’s styles as well.

People have paid thousands of dollars to hear Jennifer speak about these thinking styles. Now you can hear and benefit from her powerful and insightful course for only $250.00! Try it now and begin to Optimize YOUR Thinking!

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