How to Make a Heavy Load Lighter By Utilizing the Optimist

The optimistic thinker is vital to a productive team. Seeing the bright side amidst difficulty, they can make a heavy load seem lighter. Their impact on morale and energy is irreplaceable. But how do you keep this enthusiastic thinker on track? You may find that your optimistic worker Heavy Loadbecomes too wrapped up in mediating the politics of a situation. They may over-concern themselves with keeping others happy rather than accomplishing an assigned objective.

You might also find that they avoid telling you when they encounter a problem. For instance, they will bite their tongue when they feel the team is making a mistake in order to avoid being negative.

These potential weaknesses can be avoided through strong leadership.

How To Lead The Optimist

You can lay the foundation for the optimistic thinker to trust you. Place them in a position that requires damage control, so they can become comfortable reporting problems to you. Encourage them to share their opinions, especially those involving risk. Nurture their positive outlook by asking them to invigorate others, but also insist that they exercise their realistic thinking, so they become a well-rounded team member.

You may come to rely on the optimistic thinker’s can-do attitude, but also be careful to not overload this thinker with too much responsibility. They may be the last person to tell you that they need help.

By their very nature, this thinker’s strengths will benefit your team. Utilize them to build morale, keep their workload balanced, and let the optimistic thinker shine on your team.

When To Utilize the Optimistic Thinker:

When selling a concept

When kicking off a new project

When boosting morale

When diffusing tension


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