How to Collaborate With the Inventor

As you may already know, inventive thinkers are essential to any team. You’ll want to acquire the strengths of an inventive thinker to use in your own life, but you’ll also need to know how to work with these individuals who break the mold.Inventor

While creativity is celebrated, the stigma associated with inventive thinkers is not so coveted. Sometimes considered “weird” or even laughable, inventive thinkers must gain a solid inner assurance in order to wield their creative powers in a judgmental group. Once they have acquired this assurance, inventive thinkers can be natural leaders bringing passion and purpose to a project.

However, this passion may be short-lived. Inventive thinkers may keep to themselves and find collaboration a burden on their own thought processes. The team can be instantly frustrated with a lack of communication, and as a result the tendency is to exclude this one from their tasks and ideas. Recognizing the value of a collective brainstorming effort will help in keeping the team together to accomplish the most good.

How to Work with an Inventive Thinker

When working with an individual prone to Inventive Thinking, it’s best to limit your criticism to that which is truly constructive. It’s easy to judge their ideas too quickly. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Questions To Help You Think Fast

Think FastThe ability to manage a crisis through action is undeniably useful. Because not everyone is a quick “on-your-feet” thinker, you might need to cultivate your Resolute Thinking through practice.

If you find yourself in a high-stress situation, decide to take ownership of the problem. Once you’re in charge of the problem, you must first identify its source and then take the shortest route to addressing the problem – take action. This requires a reliance on your gut, but, more importantly, your experience.

Without experience, you may make rash decisions that only lead to more difficulty. Rational, experienced thinking while under pressure is the key to successful Resolute Thinking. You are able to act quickly because you’ve been there before. You know what to expect.

Do not hesitate to have and implement a back-up plan. Action is needed in order to avoid a crisis that could shut everything down. If several things go wrong, there is the potential for the Resolute Thinker to go into a state of alarm. A common weakness of the Resolute Thinker is to be over-reactive. Although success is still possible, things could run smoother by being alert to this weakness. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Make a Heavy Load Lighter By Utilizing the Optimist

The optimistic thinker is vital to a productive team. Seeing the bright side amidst difficulty, they can make a heavy load seem lighter. Their impact on morale and energy is irreplaceable. But how do you keep this enthusiastic thinker on track? You may find that your optimistic worker Heavy Loadbecomes too wrapped up in mediating the politics of a situation. They may over-concern themselves with keeping others happy rather than accomplishing an assigned objective.

You might also find that they avoid telling you when they encounter a problem. For instance, they will bite their tongue when they feel the team is making a mistake in order to avoid being negative.

These potential weaknesses can be avoided through strong leadership.

How To Lead The Optimist

You can lay the foundation for the optimistic thinker to trust you. Place them in a position that requires damage control, so they can become comfortable reporting problems to you. Encourage them to share their opinions, especially those involving risk. Nurture their positive outlook by asking them to invigorate others, but also insist that they exercise their realistic thinking, so they become a well-rounded team member. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Work With an Altruistic Thinker

Nurse Call ButtonAn altruistic thinker is an ideal teamate – in most respects. They seek ways to support you, they smooth over difficult situations, and they apply their well-developed people skills to build morale within a team. You may find yourself leaning on this thinker in times of stress. You may also watch others turn to the altruistic thinker when in need.

While this thinker will offer you the best advice they can give, their advice may not always be the right course of action. Because they are trying to preserve the relationships in a group, their focus may not be the same as your end goal.

While the altruistic thinker is a savvy reader of human nature, they may err on the idealistic side of things. Sometimes it is better to go by your own instincts or gut reaction when dealing with certian situations. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Think Intuitively

A successful thinker has the courage and know-how to rely on his intuition when necessary. The catch is – “when necessary.” While following your gut is a powerful tool, instinct is not foolproof. In particular, when selling an idea to a group of people, you may be ineffective if you do not present the facts to back it up.Intuitive Thinker

Unfortunately, there may be times when you can’t do a thorough investigation of a situation. Because you have a deadline that needs to be met, you will have to operate on instinct when deciding what to do. Far from being ideal, this situation can leave one in vulnerable position to a team that is ready to call you out on any sign of unfairness.

However, there is a job to do, and to do it well, you need to acknowledge your responsibility. When time is short, running on instincts is necessary. By making a quick decision, based on intuition, you can be an effective and firm leader, although it might not make you the most popular person. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Avoid Confrontation and Utilize The Assertive Thinker

Boxing ExecutivesA propensity to take control often causes assertive thinkers to shoot for positions of leadership. They are well-suited for leadership roles. As a leader yourself, you may have an assertive thinker as a subordinate, however, and this may cause unique difficulties.

The assertive thinker may go against a defined process out of dislike for it or simply to try something new. This thinker also tends to get the team riled up – whether from sincere concern or out of boredom.

You may have an assertive thinker on your team who gets everyone excited about an idea and then disappears to carry it through on his or her own. In worst cases, the assertive thinker may try to fill your role, causing a shift in the team’s loyalty.

While the potential faults of the assertive thinker may seem overwhelming, this maverick has strengths that undeniably benefit your team.

Their spark can lead to change, improved morale, and increased creativity. They can add excitement to the mundane and provide a needed fresh perspective. Their tendency to challenge the norm is irreplaceable. When you need a solution that pushes the envelope, the assertive thinker is just the person you want on your team. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Ways To Work With a Pessimistic Thinker

Don't Rain On My ParadeYou’re tempted to walk the other way when you see him coming. You zone out when he starts talking in a meeting. Occasionally he inspires humor, but more often, the Pessimistic Thinker awakens the negativity in those around him.

However, the doctor’s dose of reality is worth hearing. The Pessimistic Thinker might be called the devil’s advocate, but he’s also a team’s advocate, whether they know it or not. He can identify common pitfalls, hidden risks, and flaws in your own thinking. Sometimes his advice is hard to hear, but there are ways to improve your relationship with this thinker.

Approach Him With Compassion

While he may present an icy demeanor and inspire the same in return, this individual responds to friendliness. You can offer him the respect he demands, while still appealing to him as a friend. The Pessimistic Thinker is nobody’s fool, but even he is not immune to the art of persuasion.

Give Him His Say

Often, the Pessimistic Thinker simply needs to be heard – to get it out there, so he doesn’t kick himself later when the worst happens. If the pessimistic thinker’s timing is wrong, such as during brainstorming, let him know that he will have a later opportunity to identify risks. Show him you value his input and that you will take his ideas into consideration. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Overcome Paralysis by Analysis

Magnifying GlassDue to their drive for perfection, analytical thinkers have a distinct advantage in life; they thrive on achievement, and, in turn, they often achieve. However, the tireless pusuit of reason does have its drawbacks, including the propensity to over-think, which is commonly referred to as “analysis paralysis.” As a thinker you’ll want to gain the obvious strengths of Analytical Thinking, while minimizing the possible weaknesses.

The analytical thinker is often a perfectionist who demands the absolute best of a solution. However, this can be a double-edged sword. By insisting on perfection, the end-solution may be steller. Or it may be non-existent if the drive for perfection leads to “analysis paralysis” – a common condition of analytical thinkers who over-analyze to the point that they cannot move forward.

But most valuable are the analytical thinker’s positive qualities – the ability to dig up facts, to find the optimal solution, and to overcome obstacles. Read the rest of this entry »

Inventive Thinking: Break Your Mind’s Mold

Ivan the Inventor“Creative thinking is today’s most prized, profit-producing possession for any individual, corporation, or country. It has the capacity to change you, your business, and the world.” – Robert P. Crawford, Expert in Creative Technique

While certain individuals have been deemed “creative” by society, in reality, everyone has the natural potential for Inventive Thinking. When you couple a willingness to embrace your creativity with your other inherent strengths, innovative ground can be covered.

You may be surprised to learn that the lifeblood of successful inventive thinkers is their flexibility. They’re able to look beyond the apparent limits and see where they have room to maneuver in order to uncover new ideas and opportunities.


As a Thinker

Can you transcend the limits of your thinking to reach new heights?

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Optimize Your Thinking…In the News!

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