Use Different Perspectives To Your Advantage

As you work to become an “optimized” thinker, you will want to consider that every situation has numerous perspectives – and your perspective depends on the thinking style you use. As a team member, this will help you to recognize that not everyone has to see a situation as you do. The resulting understanding can forge stronger bonds, giving you greater influence and an intrinsic sense of harmony.

brainHow to “Optimize” Your Relationships

The ability to work well with others is essential to high performance. A person might have all the indicators of success – an Ivy League degree, an impressive resume, even a genius IQ – but without people skills, these credentials lose relevance in the workplace.

The 8 Ways of Thinking (Inventive, Analytical, Pessimistic, Assertive, Intuitive, Altruistic, Optimistic, and Resolute) provide a rare insight into the complex thinking processes of those around you. if you feel like someone’s from another planet, he or she might just have a different thinking style than you do. In fact, this person’s abilities could be the perfect complement to your own – not in spite of, but because of your differences.

There’s strength in numbers that can’t be touched by a single individual. Make meaningful connections by altering your own thinking and recognizing the value in those who come from another point of view (not another planet!).

Mutual Respect

The world would be a boring place if we all thought alike. But while our differences make us unique, they also divide us from one another. Whether it’s friction at work between co-workers, or tension at home among siblings, the source of conflict can often be traced to unreconciled points of view.

For this reason, people tend to gravitate to those who think just like they do. Opposites actually don’t attract. However, your performance potential relies on the use of all 8 Ways of Thinking (Inventive, Analytical, Pessimistic, Assertive, Intuitive, Altruistic, Optimistic, and Resolute). And who better to show you the benefits of a thinking style than someone who has already mastered it? Is there a person on your team whose strengths could help you expand your own?


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