How to Collaborate With the Inventor

As you may already know, inventive thinkers are essential to any team. You’ll want to acquire the strengths of an inventive thinker to use in your own life, but you’ll also need to know how to work with these individuals who break the mold.Inventor

While creativity is celebrated, the stigma associated with inventive thinkers is not so coveted. Sometimes considered “weird” or even laughable, inventive thinkers must gain a solid inner assurance in order to wield their creative powers in a judgmental group. Once they have acquired this assurance, inventive thinkers can be natural leaders bringing passion and purpose to a project.

However, this passion may be short-lived. Inventive thinkers may keep to themselves and find collaboration a burden on their own thought processes. The team can be instantly frustrated with a lack of communication, and as a result the tendency is to exclude this one from their tasks and ideas. Recognizing the value of a collective brainstorming effort will help in keeping the team together to accomplish the most good.

How to Work with an Inventive Thinker

When working with an individual prone to Inventive Thinking, it’s best to limit your criticism to that which is truly constructive. It’s easy to judge their ideas too quickly.

You might also need to work to make sure your ideas are heard, as the inventive thinker can get caught up in his own train of thought. Getting his attention may require writing your own ideas down or presenting them in multiple ways.

Seeing the talent and merit of this thinking style is the first step to improved relations. The next step is to tell the inventive thinker that you see his value. Finally, ask him to see the contribution you make as well.

6 Strengths of the Inventive Thinker

Goes outside the box

Offers numerous ideas

Takes risks

Reinvents processes

Leads with passion

Stimulates creativity among team members

6 Possible Weaknesses of the Inventive Thinker

Becomes unrealistic

Doesn’t follow-through with ideas

Creates unnecessary risk

Abandons needed process

Avoids collaboration

Responds poorly to criticism


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