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Optimize Your Thinking…In the News!

Business Leaders can optimize the performance of their teams and results of their efforts when they read the newly revised edition of the classic book,Optimize Your Thinking®, which is being published today. Below are just a handful of the hundreds of media outlets that picked up the story. Click on any of the images below for all the details  and be sure to download your two FREE chapters today!



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Optimistic Thinking: Lighten Your Load

Susie Sunshine“I’m an optimist, but an optimist who carries a raincoat.” – Harold Wilson, Former British Prime Minister

You have heard it before – Optimistic Thinking leads to improved health and success. But what you may not know is that Optimistic Thinking requires more than a blind faith in the future. This healthy outlook balances realistic thinking with genuine hope. Most of all, the optimistic thinker possesses a willingness to focus on the positive in a negative-obsessed world. It’s a complex way of thinking that rests on solid inner assurance.

When you work to overcome the popular tendency to undervalue the good and emphasize the bad, you’ll see your effectiveness skyrocket in all aspects of living.


As a Thinker…

Are you able to use Optimistic Thinking to effect positive change in your life?

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