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Optimize Your Thinking…In the News!

Business Leaders can optimize the performance of their teams and results of their efforts when they read the newly revised edition of the classic book,Optimize Your Thinking®, which is being published today. Below are just a handful of the hundreds of media outlets that picked up the story. Click on any of the images below for all the details  and be sure to download your two FREE chapters today!



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Intuitive Thinking: Feel Your Way Forward

I've-Got-a-Hunch Harry“Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough.” – Robert Heller, Businessman

Women’s Intuition is often hailed, but both men and women possess an inner faculty that allows them to intuit solutions to a problem. When making important decisions, working with team members, and leading a group of people, a “sixth sense” can help you navigate through the gray areas – those times when there’s no clear answer.

While everyone can exercise their intuition, many people are afraid to use it; some will even deliberately do the opposite of what they feel. How do you use the intuition you’ve got? With the little practice, that knowing voice can grow louder. And with a little trust in yourself, you can learn when and how to listen to it.


As a Thinker…

Are you comfortable following your gut, and does it lead you to where you need to be?

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