Optimize Your Thinking®

Are you set in your ways of thinking?  You may not realize it, but your habitual thought patterns are most likely holding you back.  In Optimize Your Thinking®, Jennifer Bridges PMP (formerly Jennifer Whitt), challenges you to choose how you think according to the situation or person you’re dealing with – rather than “operating on autopilot.”

By pinpointing your ways of thinking, you can leverage your personal strengths and learn to adopt the strengths of others.

Optimize Your Thinking® is an innovative learning experience which tackles the most complex element of project management – the human element.

It’s a cerebral subject, but exploring your thought process has never been more enjoyable.  With eight colorful characters representing 8 Ways of Thinking(sm), Bridges intertwines an entertaining story with meaningful lessons.

You’ll watch as some of the characters struggle due to their weaknesses and others harness their strengths for success.  Whether it’s Donna the Detective, Ivan the Inventory, or Dr. Disaster, you’ll learn why the characters succeed or fail while uncovering the secrets to each style of thought.

Throughout the story, the principles of the 8 Ways of Thinking are explained in succinct, easy-to-understand formats.  An empowering philosophy on all levels,  Optimize Your Thinking® provides an unforgettable ride through the minds of characters we can all recognize and relate to.  It’s a journey that promises to expand your mind – and your horizon.

Optimize Your Thinking®
is available at your favorite book retailer.


Optimize Your Thinking®
is also available for Kindle, iPhone, and iPad.