Resolute Thinking: Make it Happen!

Fireman Fred“Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen.” – Horace Mann, American Educator

There’s a time for contemplation and a time for action. The resolute thinker attacks a problem with authority and gusto – never wasting a moment on indecisiveness. He’s a quick thinker you want on your team, especially during times of crisis. He pinpoints the center of a problem and faces it head on.


As a Thinker

Can you think on your feet during a crisis?

As a Team Member…

How do you work with a resolute thinker who’s in crisis mode?

As a Leader…

Are you able to position this thinker so he succeeds without stepping on the toes of others?


Our resolute thinker occasionally pulls a false alarm but he does know how to tackle the hotspot in a situation.

The new economy is going to continue to require us to change our thinking to Make it Happen! If you are needing an immediate solution, tackling complex issues among multiple teams, getting the team to move forward or identifying the source of a problem, resoluteness is going to be a key to your success. If this is not your strong suit, I recommend strengthening an underutilized area of your brain you may have forgotten you have or identifying and leveraging those who excel in this area. Sitting idle is not a choice.


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