Inventive Thinking: Break Your Mind’s Mold

Ivan the Inventor“Creative thinking is today’s most prized, profit-producing possession for any individual, corporation, or country. It has the capacity to change you, your business, and the world.” – Robert P. Crawford, Expert in Creative Technique

While certain individuals have been deemed “creative” by society, in reality, everyone has the natural potential for Inventive Thinking. When you couple a willingness to embrace your creativity with your other inherent strengths, innovative ground can be covered.

You may be surprised to learn that the lifeblood of successful inventive thinkers is their flexibility. They’re able to look beyond the apparent limits and see where they have room to maneuver in order to uncover new ideas and opportunities.


As a Thinker

Can you transcend the limits of your thinking to reach new heights?

As a Team Member…

Do you know how to work productively with a person who likes to reinvent?

As a Leader…

Are you able to help this thinker harness his imagination to work effectively?


The new economy is going to continue to require us all to exercise the creative and innovative part of our brain. If you are seeking new ideas, reinventing processes, creating non-traditional teams or overhauling a failing plan, creativity and innovation is going to be a key to your success. If this is not your strong suit, I recommend strengthening an underutilized area of your brain you may have forgotten you have or identifying and leveraging those who excel in this area. Doing things the old way or sitting idle is not a choice.


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