How to Work With an Altruistic Thinker

Nurse Call ButtonAn altruistic thinker is an ideal teamate – in most respects. They seek ways to support you, they smooth over difficult situations, and they apply their well-developed people skills to build morale within a team. You may find yourself leaning on this thinker in times of stress. You may also watch others turn to the altruistic thinker when in need.

While this thinker will offer you the best advice they can give, their advice may not always be the right course of action. Because they are trying to preserve the relationships in a group, their focus may not be the same as your end goal.

While the altruistic thinker is a savvy reader of human nature, they may err on the idealistic side of things. Sometimes it is better to go by your own instincts or gut reaction when dealing with certian situations.

Similarly, the altruistic thinker on your team may be your closest friend, but they can suffer from productivity difficulties. The altruistic thinker is inclined to care for others and put aside their own needs – sometimes this includes their own responsibilities.

More than any other way of thinking, the Alturistic Thinking style can place the thinker in a vulnerable position, which is why it takes such courage. They may become so inundated with other people’s issues that they become overwhelmed. You can act altruistically yourself by recognizing when this happens and encouraging the altruistic thinker to care for themselves as well. Simply remind them that by caring for thenself, they will be better eqipped to help others.

5 Strengths of an Altruistic Thinker

Stabilizes agitated team members

Builds team cohesion

Credits the team

Creates a safe enviornment

Listens objectively and empathetically

5 Possible Weaknesses of an Altruistic Thinker

Stops conflict that is healthy

Over-concerns themself with the team

Loses credibility

Gets away from process

Gets stuck in other people’s issues


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