Find the Balance of Altruistic Thinking

More than a random act of kindness, Altruistic Thinking involves the everyday application of these principles of giving. With this way of thinking, you know to ask “How can I help?” and you mean it. You also naturally know where you are needed. As a result, others are drawn to your giving and loving spirit.Balancing Gifts

How to Work with an Altruistic Thinker

As you aim to become an altruistic thinker, see if you can identify someone you work with who uses this style of thinking. Their example could be an inspiring force for your growth. However, you might know someone who errs on the extreme side of this thinking style – they worry about everyone except themselves. The profile of the extreme altruistic thinker could be a hard-working mother who’s consumed with her family or an idealistic leader who works night and day without a break.

These thinkers are actually impairing their effectiveness – and possibly having a negative impact on those around them. The selfless mother could become so consumed with her children that they feel the stifling pressure of being the center of her universe. The overworked boss might be stretched so thin that he burns out, which ultimately impacts the team.

How to Lead an Altruistic Thinker

The altruistic thinker just might be the glue on your team. Their constant concern for others and willingness to take on less desirable work can diminish friction and tension and can also increase morale. As a leader, you will want to put them in people-oriented positions, but you also stand to benefit from modeling this way of thinking.

Giving is Receiving

Your altruistic thinker is less motivated by money and more by meaning. How can you add a human element to even the no-nonsense position? Try to ignite a spirit of giving within your team – and in turn, place this thinker where they are the happiest. A healthy, nurturing workplace encourages success not only for this thinker, but also for all of your team members.

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


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